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Master bedroom view 2.jpg

The Address @ Taman Desa
Residential Project

A small and comfortable bedroom features a bathtub.

There are many ways to transform a bathroom into a warm, relaxing space which hardly resembles an ordinary bathroom. Having a bathtub in the bedroom might seem far-fetched, but it’s not impossible when you start to change how you look at the space. For the bath to fit harmoniously into a space, the room design will need to be carefully thought out for the tub functions as a focal point as much as a haven of comfort.

Whether you want to enjoy the view from your window while bathing or create a more attractive, peaceful bath zone saturated with natural light, placing your bath by the window in your master bedroom can also be beneficial for ventilation. The unique, asymmetrical freestanding bath in this bedroom, with a raised platform, fits perfectly into the large bay window area. Acting as both a bath and an artistic, sculptural design statement in this master bedroom, this modern bath design creates an elegant contrast with the window features.


Kuala Lumpur

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