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About Us

Zyon Studio is a Malaysia-based interior design firm dedicated to designing residential and commercial spaces strongly infused with warmth and vibrant energy. With over 10 years of experience, the firm has earned the trust of design accolades for a variety of spaces and styles.

A company that focuses on aesthetics, functionality, and innovation which will lead to revolutionary improvements in the design field. The spaces will be designed to be intuitive, accessible, user-friendly, and above all livable.



To provide services with a passion for improving quality of life through innovative concepts when assessing necessities, ultimately creating an exceptional range of designs that brings your vision to reality.


To create customized designs which represent our client's design aesthetic and lifestyle. We focus on sourcing quality materials, improving functionality, and increasing the value of the property while allowing for fine details to be noticed and for bold unexpected moments to shine.

Zyon Studio strives to bring in character wherever possible to enhance well-being; to inspire and build connection. We are renowned as a prominent multicultural design firm that strives to integrate aesthetics and usability for users wherever we operate. 


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  • Design Team

  • Project Team


Interior Design Awards


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